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#Follow Friday

These guys provide an obscene amount of relevant content and thought provoking discussions regarding the association community.  I’ve been crossing cyber paths with them for a few years, and just finally met Jeff (albeit briefly) at ASAE’s Future Leaders conference.  Why should you be following them?

Jeff De Cagna @pinnovation great blog, great presenter (spoke for our association recently), and one of those people you meet and just hope their intelligence rubs off on you via osmosis or something.  His weekly online chat through #assnchat has been a huge help for me personally.

Ben Martin, CAE @bkmcae great blog, group facilitator (thank you again for the google group, it’s a lifesaver), and thought leader.  I’ve heard he’s an awesome speaker as well – hope to meet him in the near future.

Make sure to follow these two, and have a great weekend!