How to explain the healthcare debate on a napkin

Dan Roam’s ability to communicate complex topics through pictures has always fascinated me.  The Back of the Napkin is one of my favorite books, and has been an invaluable help for me in communicating ideas and problem solving in our association.

Dan is now tackling the hardest part of health care/insurance reform:  How to explain it for America.  No small task – but I think his efforts are highly commendable.  No matter what your political affiliations or personal opinions may be, Dan’s illustrations are a great lesson in brevity and clarity.  His original post contains background information and guiding notes (make sure to read the comments for some great insight and differing opinions).  For convenience, his slideshare is embedded below.

What are your thoughts on the following?

  • How have the white house AND opposition groups not picked up on this concept to help their own PR efforts?
  • Instead of releasing an 1,100 page document for interpretation, wouldn’t a summary through visual keys and stats be easier and more effective?
  • What’s missing from Dan’s summary?

3 responses to “How to explain the healthcare debate on a napkin

  1. Okay wow, I love this — great job!

  2. interesting concept – the napkins, not the healthcare debate. his name is not dan BROWN. he wrote davinci code…not “break the insurance code”.

  3. SCA – Thank you for the catch! Can you tell i was listening to Angels & Demons book on tape recently?

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