5 Social Media Stats I’d Like to See

image by fredcavazza.net

image by fredcavazza.net

1. % increase in productivity for users of social media in the workplace. Its the magical ROI # everyone wants to know, but can’t quantify yet!

# of injuries related to mobile web browsing/typing while scouring FB, Twitter, and others.
This includes automotive related accidents (simply stating “texting” as the cause of an insurance claim isn’t sufficient or accurate any longer.)

3. # of new words created from S.M. usage (i.e. tweet, DM’d, Facebookin’, etc.) now approved by Webster’s and other official sources as official parts of the English vernacular.

4. % of S.M. users that consider each social media channel their preferred source of news
. Has it replaced the Daily Show in 18-34s yet?

5. % of students that utilize S.M. channels as the preferred method of research.

I know there’s more to be researched. What would you like to see?


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