5 Things About Me

  1. Journey is the greatest band ever. That has nothing to do with this blog, but still felt it necessary to state.JourneyRevelationCover
  2. I’m a social media junkie – love seeing the landscape change hourly, and all that it allows us to do collectively.  And its an awesome distraction/time-kill.

    *photo by The Despair, Inc.

    *photo by The Despair, Inc.

  3. I’m a young association professional, father, husband, soccer player, coach, and fanatic. Oddly, on some level  each one of these hats compliment the others.olympic circle
  4. Knowledge is power. The neverending quest for knowledge is wisdom. Is that a real quote?  Does it make sense? It sounds like something Dwight would say on “The Office.”  What I’m trying to say is I like to learn and reinvent constantly.


5.  I started this blog to contribute on some level. Felt bad about leaching off all the great posts, information, and discussions going on.  We’ll see how it goes.

photo by Abundance Highway

photo by Abundance Highway


2 responses to “5 Things About Me

  1. Yay–I look forward to reading your posts!

  2. LOVE IT! There is never a time when I dull of your commentary…you or Gen’s for that fact. Love your witty comments and insight… keep it coming!

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